Fundamental CIP training to support competency building for Operations, Engineering, R&D and Quality Control personnel.

Advanced CIP training for Verification, Validation and Optimisation.

Area Cleaning, Sanitisation and Hygiene Control for the Food & Drinks Industry.

Full range of bespoke training in all areas of plant cleaning, hygiene, critical event management, Environmental impact reduction and Audit preparation. 

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Clean in Place

Clean-in-place design integration and cleaning chemical selection are vital components of every food and beverage manufacturing process; indeed, all food companies employ some type of cleaning application every day. As a result, inspections of cleaning processes have been occurring with greater frequency in today’s highly regulated manufacturing environment. To achieve effective and easily verified cleaning methods is to gain a thorough understanding of the cleaning process.

Onsite Training

Northstar can provide your company with cost-efficient onsite training that is customized to your business or industry. Our private trainings are perfect for companies that need to train a group of employees at a location that works for you. All our onsite trainings are led by certified trainers and industry experts that will use examples specific to your facility type.