Area Cleaning and Sanitisation Training


will cover:      

ï       What is Area cleaning and sanitisation?

ï       Why is it Important?

ï       What do I need to know?

Who should attend / will benefit?

Operations personnel, Technical staff, Project Managers, Quality control and Assurance hygienists and other relevant stakeholders who operate and manage Dairy, Food, and related plants. This course would be also useful for R&D and NPD staff who develop new products or are planning new investments in plant and hygiene equipment.

Benefits of attendance / what will you learn?

Area cleaning and COP principles

ï       Safety and environmental aspects of area cleaning

ï       Cleaning Definitions

What is Clean

ï       Prerequisites for successful cleaning /requirements

ï       Factors influencing cleaning

ï    Segregation and incident management (Maintaining the perimeter)

Types and Methods of Cleaning

ï       Full wet cleaning – Foam, lance, sluice

ï       Controlled wet cleaning – Equipment/Environmental (critical zones-Micro risks)

ï       Dry cleaning – the war on water

ï       Foaming – the choice for cleaning open plant

Cleaning Chemicals – Detergents and Disinfectants

ï       Detergents /Disinfectants / Sanitisers

ï       Selection and Modes of action

ï       Efficacy and compatibility

ï       Factors affecting disinfection/correct conditions

Cleaning monitoring and procedures

ï      Frequency

ï      Scoping 

ï      Job plan/Sop’s and performing the task

ï      The end result (Post requisites)

ï      Post cleaning verification and audit proofing

Common issues and summary

ï      The life cycle approach


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