Fundamental CIP Course for Dairy, Food and Beverage Operations, Engineering and Quality personnel.


will cover:      

ï       What is CIP?

ï       Why is CIP important ?

ï       What do I need to know?

Who should attend / will benefit?

Operations, Technical, Project Managers, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and other relevant personnel who operate food processing plants. This course would  be also useful for R&D and NPD staff who develop new products or are planning new investments in plant equipment.

Benefits of attendance / what will you learn?

Cleaning In Place

ï       Safety and environmental aspects of CIP

ï       What are the 4 T’s?

ï       How each of the T’s affect the outcome of your CIP

ï       Mechanical action (turbulence)

ï       Chemical force (turbidity/titration)

ï       Time

ï       Temperature

ï       Technology

CIP Delivery Systems

ï       Components of a CIP system

ï       The CIP station

ï       Single and multiple delivery systems

ï       CIP system safety

ï       Control and data acquisition systems

ï       Water quality and its effects on CIP

ï       Verification and validation

ï       Post-CIP testing (chemical/microbiological)


ï       Detergents and acids

ï       Concentrations and the effect on a successful CIP

ï       Base caustics and acids vs blended chemicals

ï       In-line measurement of concentration/temperature

ï       Environmental considerations

Common Issues With CIP Systems

ï      What constitutes a successful CIP

ï      What should I look for during CIP to ensure success

ï      Preventative maintenance items that affect CIP systems

ï      How can I  optimise a CIP system to increase plant availability

ï      How can I save money and time on my current system

ï      Capital investment  justifications

ï      What are the problems that I have experienced


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