cGMP Audits


Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are minimum requirements to ensure that products are created in a manner that ensures they are of consistent quality and safe for their intended use. If a product is found to be produced in a facility that does not meet GMPs, they can be considered adulterated and unsafe. The ā€œcā€ in cGMP stands for current, meaning that how companies conform to GMPs must continually evolve with the development of new scientific research and industry best practices.


cGMPs are important to ensure manufacturers are producing safe products. A site that is not following the minimum requirements for cGMPs is putting the basic well-being of consumers around the world at risk.


-Reduction in failed product testing

-Improvement of product safety

-Improvement of product quality and consistency

-Eliminating potential risks and possible recalls

-Marketing advantages over competitors who are not audited by a third-party

-Improvement to consumer confidence and an increase in brand loyalty

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